Greg Wereb

Planning the Perfect Fundraising Event

If you’re on the Executive or Development team for a charitable organization, you know today’s fundraising environment is more daunting and competitive than ever, Whether your nonprofit is a private or public school, parent teacher organization, athletic or club booster….or even a religious or worshipping organization, museum, United Way chapter or something else, we have some suggestions for evidence-based fundraising Event ideas that can help your nonprofit move the needle.

United Way Agencies: Thou Shalt Not Live on Workplace Giving Alone

Workplace Giving is still a primary donation option for corporate philanthropy, but your United Way agency or other nonprofit shouldn’t have to depend on a singular source of revenue for the bulk of its support. Here are a handful of viable options to help you diversify your fundraising ‘portfolio’ — giving current supporters new and exciting ways to support your mission, and attracting new supporters to your cause.

Your Data Security & Compliance are King

How can you ensure that your vendors are as careful with their data as you are with yours? As recent cyberattacked have shown, organizations of all kinds need to be vigilant about their data security — as well as making sure that any third-party vendors with access to their data are compliant as well.

What Fundraising Events are Best for YOUR Nonprofit?

Your team has been hard at work strengthening key facets of your plan, from acquiring new donors, keeping the ones you currently have, preaching your mission to the community, strategically engaging your board members, et al. Now it’s time to turn your attention to formulating (and stewarding) a strong Event strategy to round out your revenue plan.

Why Events are Critical to Your Organization’s Success

For many nonprofits, events are essential to engage supporters and build excitement around the mission — and provide a smooth ask within the event’s positive atmosphere (and a bit of friendly peer pressure!). While undertaking events is certainly a significant investment requiring vital resources from both your staff and volunteer supporters, outcomes routinely show that events deserve a seat at the table for the long-term health of your nonprofit.