Software backed by eCommerce best practices that takes your fundraising to new heights

From small foundations to schools, museums, federated giving organizations like United Way and more, we help our clients better engage their donors online. We believe that your STORY -- not your database -- is your point of contact.
We help you bring that story to life.

The DonorPoint platform is based on best practices, tips and tricks from eCommerce that make your donors’ experience seamless….and your fundraising more successful than ever

Our broad range of templates lets you easily facilitate any ask you could possibly make of a constituent — financial or otherwise

Our platform is configurable to fit YOUR branding and business processes — putting the tools for success in the hands of your developers….and saving you time and money

How do we help your organization?

Planning the Perfect Fundraising Event
If you're on the Executive or Development team for a charitable organization, you know today's fundraising environment is more daunting and competitive than ever, Whether your nonprofit is a private or public school, parent teacher organization, athletic or club booster....or even a religious or worshipping organization, museum, United Way chapter or something else, we have some suggestions for evidence-based fundraising Event ideas that can help your nonprofit move the needle.
Optimizing Your Nonprofit’s Year-End Success
With so much fundraising opportunity at stake, a solid Year-End campaign strategy should be one of your nonprofit’s primary endeavors. We shed some light on just how important Year-End giving is to the fiscal success of your United Way agency (or other nonprofit), and impart a few tips on how to optimize this important part of your year.
Let Friends Help with the Lifting: Peer-to-Peer & Crowdfunding
Armed with networks of constituents' families, friends, neighbors and colleagues and the power of online and social media engagement, Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding are highly viable avenues for fundraising for schools, churches, PTOs, booster organizations and more.