United Way Agencies: Thou Shalt Not Live on Workplace Giving Alone

Workplace Giving is still a primary donation option for corporate philanthropy, but your United Way agency or other nonprofit shouldn’t have to depend on a singular source of revenue for the bulk of its support. Here are a handful of viable options to help you diversify your fundraising ‘portfolio’ — giving current supporters new and exciting ways to support your mission, and attracting new supporters to your cause.

Your Data Security & Compliance are King

How can you ensure that your vendors are as careful with their data as you are with yours? As recent cyberattacked have shown, organizations of all kinds need to be vigilant about their data security — as well as making sure that any third-party vendors with access to their data are compliant as well.

Making Giving Tuesday a Focal Point of Your Year-End Plan

Using a previous-two-year average of national Giving Tuesday trends, the 2023 edition of Giving Tuesday is expected to surpass $3.7B — a +20% increase over 2022. The explosive growth yielded by Giving Tuesday has made the initiative a critical cog in nonprofits’ year-end giving plans.

Start Planning Now for Giving Tuesday & Year-End!

Your nonprofit’s calendar year just passed the halfway mark, but the Dog Days of Summer is when you should be laying the groundwork for your all-important Giving Tuesday and Year-End campaigns.

What Fundraising Events are Best for YOUR Nonprofit?

Your team has been hard at work strengthening key facets of your plan, from acquiring new donors, keeping the ones you currently have, preaching your mission to the community, strategically engaging your board members, et al. Now it’s time to turn your attention to formulating (and stewarding) a strong Event strategy to round out your revenue plan.

The Latest eCommerce Trends

We bring you an update on where the world of eCommerce sits, a recap of Retail industry changes in an eventful past 12 months — and how your nonprofit can increase donations more than ever before by following eCommerce’s lead.

Why Events are Critical to Your Organization’s Success

For many nonprofits, events are essential to engage supporters and build excitement around the mission — and provide a smooth ask within the event’s positive atmosphere (and a bit of friendly peer pressure!). While undertaking events is certainly a significant investment requiring vital resources from both your staff and volunteer supporters, outcomes routinely show that events deserve a seat at the table for the long-term health of your nonprofit.

The Annual State of Fundraising Report – 2023

After the whirlwind we’ve been through the last few trips around the sun, we certainly hope the new year brings stability for your nonprofit. Read on for tips on what will make the biggest difference for your organization in the coming year….and hopefully allow you to spend your time, energy and money in the smartest manner possible.

Creative Year-End Appeals

Here are some examples of inventive year-end fundraising appeals that tell the nonprofit’s story, demonstrate a donation’s impact to the cause, and convey urgency to donate before the year is up.

A Creative Twist for Year-End Giving: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas

Peer-to-Peer campaigns can be launched with very little startup capital, and with comparatively little effort on the part of the organizer. Simply set up an easily-understood initiative — and let your cause champions run with it. Here are some Peer-to-Peer ideas to re-invigorate your Year-End campaigns — and allow your most engaged stakeholders to do some of the lifting for you.

Why This Year’s Giving Tuesday is More Critical than Ever

Now more than ever, communicating that the need of the populations you serve is just as great — and likely GREATER due to economic hardships — and that their support is critical to allow you to continue to go to bat for those who need assistance. Without support from constituents like them, your mission may falter. And what better time to leverage their support than on Giving Tuesday — a day specifically earmarked for giving to charitable causes?

It’s Not Too Early to Plan for Year-End Giving

After two COVID-plagued years that have turned fundraising upside-down for many nonprofits, the stakes for 2022 are as high as any time in recent memory. We’re here to help you plan an impactful campaign to reach your fundraising goals.

Optimism Abounds at United Way Great Rivers 2022 Conference!

DonorPoint recently had the privilege of being an exhibitor at the United Way Great Rivers 2022 Conference in Madison, WI. The sense of community and energy in the room was apparent, and we met so many great people who dedicate their careers to helping their communities under the guidance of the UW mission.

Why We Take an eCommerce Approach

Lots of people ask us ‘What’s so special about DonorPoint?’ We’ll take you step-by-step through how — by using best practices from eCommerce — we can help you raise money more effectively than ever before.

Getting Donors Engaged Year Round

Making the leap from a donor who is engaged only around major campaigns to one who’s engaged year-round? That is what nonprofits (yours included) aspire to. This month we offer some ideas on how to get your donors down that path….and involving them 365 days a year.

Planning for a Successful 2022

In last month’s blog, we showed you how to use the triumphs and missteps from your 2021 experiences to your advantage in 2022. Now that you’ve (hopefully) identified just what those successes and challenges were, we can move to the next step — putting together a rock-solid 2022 plan for your nonprofit!

Lessons Learned from Your 2021 Plan

After an eventful 2021, what lessons can you learn to plan for a successful 2022? Use the triumphs and missteps you experienced to your advantage. Here are some takeaways that will prove fruitful for your 2022 business plan.

More Year-End Appeal Success Stories

We received such a positive reaction to our first installment of Year-End Appeal success stories that we’ve decided to add a second collection of shining stars for your eyes!

Year-End Appeal Success Stories

Here are three year-end appeals that really hit their mark, resonating so well with their constituents that they shattered their fundraising goals.

What’s YOUR Year-End Giving Plan?

The third quarter of the calendar year is the most critical giving season — especially December, where nearly one-third of the year’s giving occurs.

A More Appealing Annual Appeal

Twenty-twenty-one — like its predecessor — has certainly had its share of challenges. The continuing threat presented by the COVID-19

Platform Updates – January 2021

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