Our eCommerce Approach

When potential donors visit your website, their expectations are set by their experiences on the eCommerce sites they visit frequently (Amazon, EBay, Walmart, et al).  These expectations set the agenda for their behavior throughout the web experience — where (and for how long) they navigate, whether they make a purchase, if they return for additional purchases, and if they recommend your site to others.

DonorPoint never loses sight of how an eCommerce web experience is relevant to a nonprofit one.

Conversion rates in the eCommerce space are typically double the rates of their nonprofit counterparts. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve navigated the ins and outs of the eCommerce universe to gather its very best practices, tips, tricks, designs and technologies, pull out what’s relevant for fundraising, and put it in tools that fit your developers’ hands.

That’s why we exist. And, with the best eCommerce practices at work for you, that’s DonorPoint’s approach.