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Optimism Abounds at United Way Great Rivers 2022 Conference!

DonorPoint recently had the privilege of being an exhibitor at the United Way Great Rivers 2022 Conference in Madison, WI. The sense of community and energy in the room was apparent, and we met so many great people who dedicate their careers to helping their communities under the guidance of the UW mission.

Planning for a Successful 2022

In last month’s blog, we showed you how to use the triumphs and missteps from your 2021 experiences to your advantage in 2022. Now that you’ve (hopefully) identified just what those successes and challenges were, we can move to the next step — putting together a rock-solid 2022 plan for your nonprofit!

Why it’s Time to Take Part in Giving Tuesday

It can be hard to believe that Giving Tuesday is only 7 years old. But rapid growth has made this a social (media) event that stands on the verge of cultural relevance and acceptance, and your organization should embrace it. But as with anything online these days, some people disagree. And their points can seem …

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education fundraising

A Third Path for Educational Fundraising

Have You Heard the News? A recent segment on the always excellent show Marketplace discussed the Metro Nashville Public School System’s decision to ban online education fundraising. At first glance, this looks like another example of the disconnect between educators and administration. On the one hand, educators are increasingly being asked to do more and …

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