Workplace Giving Campaigns

Workplace Giving campaigns provide enough challenges without the addition of technical issues. That’s why DonorPoint has developed a robust Workplace solution, including Single Sign-On, Foundations and Designations, to make sure that technology is an asset -- not a hurdle -- to your federated giving campaigns.

With our cloud-based approach, DonorPoint software is built to adapt. That makes us uniquely positioned to manage and integrate the interface between your systems and those of your Workplace partners.


Success Story – United Way of Greater Cleveland

Success Story – Eaton Corporation ‘Bring Your Pups to Work Day’ for United Way of Greater Cleveland

Success Story – ‘Cutest Pet Contest’ Benefiting United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

DonorPoint software also includes these donor-facing features

Partner with businesses for events, campaigns and more with an easy-to-use interface.

Set up scheduling, registrations, hour -tracking, waivers and other functionality critical to making the most of your volunteers' efforts.

One-time, recurring, tribute, memorial and more are easily set up with pledge management tools that make tracking and nurturing easy to do.

And these service features that make it easier for you to create, track and engage

Harness the power of email marketing and social media and activate the passion of your supporters with DonorPoint's Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding solutions.

Our full Individual & Recurring Giving suite, with options for Donate Now, Designated & Foundational Giving, Automated Recurring Giving, Memberships, Merchandise Sales, and more.

Track donations, create detailed reports with multiple filters and have them automatically pulled and sent to necessary stakeholders.

Automate email sends with template or custom forms, create registration replies, directions, tickets and more with tools and tracking options.

Use ready-to-go templates, or use your existing look and feel to create pages, emails, reports and more.

Intuitive controls make set up easy and you can instantly duplicate and re-use pages for new campaigns.

Know that your donors funds are secure, accept online and offline sales, and more with secure, verified, tools.

DonorPoint can integrate with or replace the systems you're already using and our system is designed to grow with your organization and its mission.

DonorPoint Support is provided by DonorPoint employees, so you'll be working the same people from set-up through launch and beyond.

Set up and manage any type of occasion with a fixed date -- Events, Raffles, Auctions, Galas, Classes, Lectures and more.

Make Workplace Giving campaigns run smoothly and make giving easier.