The Cause: The Power of Digital Storytelling for Social Good




Years of marketing and social media experience inform the advice offered by author Tania Mulry in her book The Cause: The Power of Digital Storytelling for Social Good.  Written in a conversational tone, this quick read is infused with inspiration and practical how-to advice.  Each chapter identifies a common challenge confronted by nonprofit fundraisers and offers insights, motivation, and strategic tools to help confront it.

In the early chapters, Mulry discusses the difficulty of engaging overburdened constituents who are tired of being bombarded with requests for donations or time.  Her observations are simple: 

1.  People want a meaningful connection to the organizations they support.

2.  They want to see consistency in message and methods of fundraising.

3.  Non-profits need to employ the technology that can allow them to engage with a broad audience.

4.  Storytelling should be the crux of all communications.

Most organizations’ fundraisers already “know” these things.  The larger question is:  How do we accomplish this?  What steps do we take?

This is where The Cause really shines.  At the conclusion of each chapter, Mulry identifies practical action steps.  If worked through deliberately, one can come away from the book with a much clearer understanding of your organization’s “brand” and will have a well-crafted story to share.

Finally, the book offers great practical guidelines to help an organization identify its audience and broadcast its story effectively via social media in order to enter into a dialogue with its constituents and convert engaged members of the community into loyal donors or volunteers.

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