Kilter Rewards – Changing the Equation


Time, Treasure & Talent. It’s the phrase every fundraiser knows, and possibly the oldest saying in nonprofit history. But what if you changed it to –

Talent + Time = Treasure

That’s the concept Kilter Rewards is bringing to nonprofit fundraising, and it’s been taking off like wildfire.

Simply put Kilter is an app that lets individuals set and track activity goals, with the points earned for completing those goals being “donated” to a specified charity. At the end of the moth, the nonprofits with the most donated points split a pot donated by sponsor companies and groups.

That means Kilter Rewards works for individuals, nonprofits and workplaces. Here’s how:

  • For individuals – Kilter Rewards platform hosts free monthly public healthy living competitions for users to compete to win donations for their favorite causes, cash for themselves, and other awesome prizes. Users can win individual prizes and group prizes for their charities by competing with all other users that chose the same charity. Every month, users can track their performance on a global leaderboard, and are motivated to keep making healthy choices.
  • For nonprofits – Kilter Rewards is a completely free tool to take advantage of to attract and engage donors on a monthly basis with little to no effort. Plus you can use Kilter as a way to engage your current donor base to raise additional funds, and make healthy living choices.
  • For workplaces – Kilter offers workplace-centered programs that allow companies to set up matching donation for activity campaigns or team-based competitions. This gives companies both a way for employees to be philanthropic, but also boost employee morale and health.

It’s an outside the box concept that takes several concepts that were already around (activity tracking, corporate wellness programs, and more) and redirects the outcome to a more altruistic outcome. Check out their website for more info or to download the app and find a new motivation (and equation) for your exercise routine.