Be the (Substitute) Gift – Little Ideas for Big Impact

As a new feature, we will be posting some little ideas from our clients and partners every month, in hope that it might spark some ideas for you and your team. This month;

Be The (Substitute) Gift

Valentine’s Day can be tough; it sneaks up on you, and you wind up spending money on a box of chocolates or flowers from the drug store at the last minute. Yes, the thought is there, but neither gift, or the impression, will last.

But what if the thought and the gift BOTH showed how special the recipient was to you? That’s the solution our partner, the United Way of Greater Cleveland came up with last Valentine’s Day. They asked donors to forgo the candy, and spend the same amount as a donation, AND showed how much impact that amount could have in the life of someone at risk. From the site:

Box of Chocolates

Spending $25 on a box of chocolates? Give $25 to keep a mother and child fleeing domestic violence safe and warm for a week.

They had similar calls to action for roses, a night on the town and a diamond necklace. And the donation acknowledgement came with a printable “receipt” for the recipient. So gift and card all in one! See the site by clicking here.

And of course the idea can be used for other holidays as well. Substitute the tie on Father’s Day, the macrame pot holder on Mother’s Day or even the bottle of wine at your next diner party. The right combination of gift, gift giver and your cause can be a powerful call-to-action and reason for giving the perfect gift.