Mobile Donors and Responsive Design

You’ve read enough articles to know that online and mobile presence is an essential element of your future fundraising campaigns. 

Watch Our Webinar on Precision Marketing

Maximizing donor revenue is one of the biggest challenges that nonprofits face in today’s ever-changing economic environment. With ever-increasing expectations

Website Tools For Nonprofits

Free Website Tools for Nonprofits

Never before has there been a greater opportunity for nonprofits to be able to produce professional quality websites on low

Ten Video Tips for Nonprofits

Donors today have less time and more options than ever before. You only have a few moments, if not seconds,

Museums Going Digital in 2013

Emerging technology creates opportunities for museums to connect with patrons on multiple levels. From digital marketing, enhanced visitor experiences to online fundraising, museums are

Helping Visualize a Hidden Disability

The Northern Ohio Branch of International Dyslexia Association (NOBIDA) is a local branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).  IDA is