DonorPoint Features

Each Catalog is made up of Features, which give you the tools you need to reach your audience, tell them your story, and make giving easier.

One-time, recurring, tribute, memorial and more are easily set up with pledge management tools that make tracking and nurturing easy to do.

Set up multiple price points, set goals and deadlines, track sales with multiple filters, create automated emails and more.

Activate your network and harness the power of social media with a cohesive content strategy and consistent messaging

Sell, track, renew and build relationships with your donors, and utilize up to the minute reporting and other tools.

Set up registrations, hour tracking, waivers and other functionality critical to making the most of your volunteer's efforts.

Incorporate gift shop sales, online or physical, into your donor management and outreach efforts.

Activate your network with social sharing options that allow you to set messaging and calls to action

Intuitive controls make set up easy and you can instantly duplicate and re-use pages for new campaigns.

Automate email sends with template or custom forms, create registration replies, directions, tickets and more with tools and tracking options.

DonorPoint Support is provided by DonorPoint employees, so you'll be working the same people from set-up through launch and beyond.

Know that your donors funds are secure, accept online and offline sales, and more with secure, verified, tools.

DonorPoint can integrate with or replace the systems you're already using and our system is designed to grow with your organization and its mission.

Use ready-to-go templates, or use your existing look and feel to create pages, emails, reports and more.

Track donations, create detailed reports with multiple filters and have them automatically pulled and sent to necessary stakeholders.

Control designation options on a campaign by campaign basis to easily support you and your corporate partners social responsibility priorities.


Manage your constituents data and nurture relationships with donors, volunteers and others with robust tools and searchable data.

Partner with businesses for events, campaigns and more with an easy-to-use interface.